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Hello and welcome back to the Dragon Ball/Z/GT kink meme! 

Before we start, please read everything below!

  • Please behave yourself. Try to get along with others and avoid unnecessary fights. Just because you're posting anonymously it doesn't mean you get a free pass at being an ass. Feel free to take things to the discussion post but keep it out of the actual meme.
  • One prompt per comment.
  • Use subject lines! They help keep things organize and people can filter out what they don't like. They should look like this:
    • SUBJECT: Character A/Character B - Kink A, Kink B + a trigger warning if applicable
    • EXAMPLE: 
  • Art is welcomed here as well! 
  • We're mainly a kink meme but SFW prompts are fine as well.
  • Don't kink shame. If you're here, you probably have a few kinks yourself. Ignore the prompts you don't like and carry on. This is a judge-free zone!
  • Feel free to repost unfilled prompts from the previous kink meme, but don't repost prompts from the current meme.
  • In the same vein, you can fill prompts from the previous meme. Just be sure to link to said prompt before starting and you're good to go!
  •  Once you fill a prompt, please head to the fills post and share the link!
IP logging is off and anon commenting is on! Go have some fun now!

Fill List

Oct. 1st, 2014 11:21 am
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After filling a prompt, please post a link here! This helps both the readers and the people archiving the meme. It makes finding your fill easier too!

How do it is very straightforward.

  • SUBJECT: Should be filled just like when you prompt something.
    • Character A/Character B - Kink A, Kink B + a trigger warning if applicable
  • MESSAGE: A link to the fill. You can add a small summary or special notes!
  • Only one link per post, please.
If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to ask us!
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Feel free to talk about whatever you want here! Tell us your headcanons, share with us your latest WIP, discuss power levels (please don't actually do that, for all of our sakes), anything goes.

The same rules from the kink meme itself apply here, so let's try to keep it civil.

prompt post | archive | fill list
general discussion | contact a mod
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The fastest way to get in touch with us. Suggestions, questions, complaints, requests to delete a misfired comment, etc... they all go here!


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